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Curious to see your dumplings being prepared? come and grab a seat

Soft and fluffy, filled-to-bursting or light and delicate – in whatever guise, the humble dumpling has gone from comfort food staple to cult status

Beijing's Signature Noodles 老北京秘制炸酱面 ( Zha Jiang Mian)

Pork cubes cooked in a salty, fragrant sauce, then served with noodles and various vegetables, Zha Jiang Mian is a signature Beijing dish full of flavour and freshness.

Dumplings that make you smile

These cute rainbow wrappers are made of hearty veggie juice.Each dumpling filling is like a mini dish in itself. It's all about a match of flavors and textures.

Rolling donkeys 北京驴打滚 (lǘ dǎgǔn)

These snacks don't have anything to do with actual donkeys. The name comes from the fact that these glutinous rice rolls are rolled in soybean flour before serving and are said to resemble a donkey rolling in the dust.